Chapter Activities and Projects

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Chapter Activities

Veteran Service: We donate personal items toiletries, books, stationary, stamps, cards, and make lap robes, hats, and any other items needed for the Modesto homeless veterans. We also work on the Hills Ferry Cemetery Veterans Project of marking graves and attend ROTC functions and veteran memorials.

Conservation: We participate in the Modesto Arbor Day tree planting, conserve water and energy, recycle, plant trees and flowers, and feed the birds.

National Defense: We award ROTC Medals and scholarships. We award DAR Youth Citizenship medals to eighth graders. We work the local polling place on Election Day and donate earnings to chapter.

DAR Good Citizens Committee: We service twenty-four high schools and award scholarships.

Genealogical Records: We collect and prepare unpublished genealogical records such as family, church, and court records.

DAR School Committee: We collect Campbell soup and juice labels; Franco-American Gravies and SpagettiO’s; Pepperidge Farm Soups, breads, rolls, snacks, and pastry; V8 juices; Prego Pasta sauces; and Swanson Broth; donate cash for project; save educational labels.

Savemart SHARE Program: Use your SHARE card whenever members grocery shop to earn money for the chapter.

Christmas Boutique Chapter and Birthday Fundraisers

Constitution Week: We create displays in the community and chapter programs.